Chloride-Free Entry®



Building owners and facility managers love Entry® — the first 100% CHLORIDE-FREE de-icer that doesn’t track indoors. Entry outperforms granular chloride salts at no additional cost.

Entry’s residue-free, liquid formula is safer for surfaces, floors and metals. Think of it as better protection for your investment and safer for your customers. Above all, it clears ice and snow from sidewalks, driveways and other outdoor surfaces quickly, before your eyes – before slips and falls can happen.

Entry is better for floors

Liquid Entry's neutral pH is safer on all outdoor & indoor surfaces and is residue-free, unlike rock salt and other granular chlorides.

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Entry is better for concrete

Entry® won't attack the bonds that hold concrete together. Chlorides are particularly harmful on newly poured concrete and pavers.

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Entry is better for metals

Protect the integrity of metal doors, railings, and more with chloride-free Entry® – safer for metal, people and the planet

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Entry® is best for removing snow and ice.

Eco friendly: the ONLY Green Seal Certified ice melt on the market.

No mess: won’t track salt inside!

Safer for homes: reduced damage to metals and concrete.

Better in extreme cold: works at temps as low as -63°F/-53°C

Safer for pets: doesn’t burn paws and certified safe for pets.

Fast: starts working immediately

Safer for lawns and yards: won’t dehydrate soil.

Costs less: Melt more per gallon with Entry.

Entry is better for plants

Entry® saves lawns, trees, and shrubbery from chloride-induced dehydration.  No more dead patches!

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Entry is better for safety

Entry® works fast, melting snow and ice before your eyes. Fewer slips, falls, and worries, and less time waiting.

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Entry is better for Pets

Chloride burns paws and is harmful if swallowed. Entry® is the safer choice for pet happiness and health.

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Entry is better for nature

Entry® won’t cut off oxygen to fish and plants. It keeps chloride pollutants out of our soil — and our ecosystem.

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Entry is better for health

Entry® keeps salt run-off out of tap water, for sodium levels that are safer for hearts and overall health.

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Entry is Green Seal Certified

Entry® is the first Green Seal-certified ice melt on the market, and not a moment too soon.

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