Denver Broncos

The football team’s headquarters say goodbye to granular salt deicers.

Organization praises Entry’s fast, simple application that is environmentally friendly and leaves no residue.

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Keep Winter on the Outside

Ally G powered by Entry® is an innovative granular deicing blend of 3 powerful and proven deicers. Ally G is a blend of Micro Granular Kiln dried and screen sodium chloride, Dead Sea MAG pellets and Entry liquid non-chloride deicer. Ally G is a significantly more effective alternative to ice melt blends containing Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA).

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Keep Your Salt On The Rim.

Not In Your Water, Business, Home, Landscaping or Entryways.

No more unsightly residue tracked into your homes and businesses. No more corroded surfaces and metals. No more irritated paws tormenting your pets. No more damaged plants and waterways. With Entry, you can say goodbye to salt and melt ice quickly and safely.

  • 100% free of chlorides and urea
  • Safe for humans, pets, plant life and waterways
  • Works up to 20x faster than granular de-icers
  • MUCH lower cost per application than traditional granular products
  • Slashes maintenance/cleanup costs caused by chloride and urea products

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Secure Winter Products believes that a strong distribution network will help carry our products further into the mainstream and allow our innovation to spread. We created a distribution program that helps distributors grow a sustainable business with innovative products that are in high demand.

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