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Proprietary Formula Sets New Industry Standard.

Entry’s unique formulation lowers the freezing point of water as low as -63°F for a greatly increased level of protection against re-freeze. And because it’s a liquid, Entry penetrates snow and ice on contact; you can actually see it work before your eyes in 15 to 30 seconds! No other product on the market works as fast and as safely as Entry.

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Safety, Security And Savings In The Danger Zone.

The majority of slipping accidents happen within 15-feet of a building’s entrance. Entry’s fast action and extremely low refreeze point require fewer reapplications than chloride-based products. Add to that the savings on clean-up and maintenance caused by tracking corrosive chlorides indoors, and Entry is the most cost-effective choice.

Another Innovative, Environmentally Smart Solution From Branch Creek.

Entry is a product of Branch Creek, offered through Secure Winter Products. Entry is rapidly becoming the industry standard, delivering optimal effectiveness with a fraction of the drawbacks of granular chloride salts.

There’s a movement toward safer, more affordable and more environmentally responsible products, and Branch Creek is leading the way. A division of SynaTek Solutions, Branch Creek researches and develops organic solutions for the soil across a number of industries including agricultural, commercial, residential and golf. Two pillars undergird Branch Creek’s approach: We exist to help bridge the gap between the demand for organic and our ability to supply it; and, what goes in our soil affects our water.

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