Keep Winter on the Outside

Ally G is best used on sidewalks and high traffic areas that are not directly connected to entrance ways. The combination of the two products creates minimal opportunity for tracking and damage while maintaining the highest levels of de-icing, safety and affordability.

Micro-Granule Technology (MGT)

  • Consistent application and enhanced spreadability.
  • More particle density per bag and more particles per square foot which leads to faster melt down and increased coverage.
  • Consistent application and enhanced spreadability.
  • Greatly reduces tracking, interior clean-up of buildings, and will minimize damage to vacuum cleaners.


Ally G has a natural colorant which is non-staining and naturally occurring in the composition of the product. Its natural color eliminates the need for the addition of synthetic de-icing dyes without compromising visual application indicators and safety.

Powered by Entry™

Entry’s proprietary formulation is derived from Potassium Formate. Entry works by breaking down the hydrogen bonds that are formed when water freezes.


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