Where Liquid Pretreatment Begins

Ally® RTU (Ready To Use) is a liquid pretreatment that was designed for users who are starting to utilize liquid deicing technology. Ally™ RTU features our proprietary formulation of Asset™ and Entry® Chloride-Free.

Get Started With Liquid Ice Melt

Ally™ RTU (Ready To Use) is specifically designed for first time users who want to experience all the benefits of pretreating with liquid ice melt without the problems.  Ally™ RTU does not require any blending of ingredients and provides a lower temperature performance range than salt brine without the risk of slipperiness that is often associated magnesium and calcium chloride based liquid pretreatments.

Enhanced Performance With Asset™

Asset™ is a high performance de-icing and anti-icing liquid ice melt that does not contain any chlorides.  Asset™ is derived from a refined organic carbohydrate andblended with Entry®.  Asset™ is designed to be the safest deicer for the protectionof plants, concrete and metals.   Asset™ creates a strong residual effect which provides lasting performance at lower temperatures.

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Powered by Entry®

Entry’s proprietary technology is changing the way we manage winter weather. Traditional products melt snow and ice by creating a heat exchange. Entry® works by Ionically breaking down the molecular structure of the ice lattice. This unique mode of action allows Entry® to melt through thin layers of snow or ice in less than 30 seconds while preventing refreeze in extreme cold temperatures.

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