Break The Ice Without The Salt

ZeroGround™ is a chloride-free granular deicer that is designed to break through and prevent ice formation. ZeroGround™ is enhanced with Entry® Chloride-Free as well as a green visual indicator.

Powered by Entry®

Entry’s proprietary technology is changing the way we manage winter weather. Traditional products melt snow and ice by creating a heat exchange. Entry® works by Ionically breaking down the molecular structure of the ice lattice. This unique mode of action allows Entry® to melt through thin layers of snow or ice in less than 30 seconds while preventing refreeze in extreme cold temperatures.

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Reduce over application

Most high performance granular ice melts are, “White As Snow” making them very difficult to see and resulting in over application. ZeroGround™ is created with a soft green color to reduce over application.

Stop The Salt!

Traditional ice melts contain chloride salts (Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium or Potassium). All chlorides are harmful to concrete, metals, plants, soil, floors, pets and the planet.


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