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Get the fast-working, liquid ice melt that’s safe for your family, pets and the environment.

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Keep Your Salt On The Rim.

Not In Your Water, Business, Home, Landscaping or Entryways.

No more unsightly residue tracked into your homes and businesses. No more corroded surfaces and metals. No more irritated paws tormenting your pets. No more damaged plants and waterways. With Entry, you can say goodbye to salt and melt ice quickly and safely.

  • 100% free of chlorides and urea
  • Safe for humans, pets, plant life and waterways
  • Works up to 20x faster than granular de-icers
  • MUCH lower cost per application than traditional granular products
  • Slashes maintenance/cleanup costs caused by chloride and urea products

Secure Winter Products believes that a strong distribution network will help carry our products further into the mainstream and allow our innovation to spread. We created a distribution program that helps distributors grow a sustainable business with innovative products that are in high demand.

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Free Webinars to Learn More About Entry

Secure Winter Products is hosting educational webinars so you can learn more about the benefits of Entry. Entry’s unique, chloride salt-free, two-tiered mode of action melts snow instantly, prevents refreeze in sub-zero temperatures and is the safest choice for people, plants, animals, and metals. Beyond performance, Entry’s residue-free formulation eliminates the janitorial expenses associated with cleaning up granular chlorides and is the most biodegradable ice melt on the market (making it the ideal choice for Mother Nature).

Learn how Entry is changing the future of winter maintenance.

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"The speed and efficacy of Entry along with low application labor costs make using Entry far more advantageous than applying a pellet or flake" - David Ross

Nate Clemmer

"As a company, we take great pride in developing products that are efficient, effective and safe for the environment. We wanted a product we could feel comfortable using around our families, coworkers, and homes. That's why we created Entry, the only chloride free and urea free liquid deicer available today. "