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About Secure Winter Products

Whenever winter weather strikes and leaves behind icy surfaces, we must weigh two critical issues: How do we keep people safe while also minimizing environmental impact? At Secure Winter Products, our answer is by innovating ice melt technologies that balance the demands of human safety with an awareness of for the impact these products can have on the environment. We are continually refining existing products while exploring, testing and formulating new technologies. The result? You can trust Secure Winter Products as your number one source for dependable and innovative ice melt solutions.

About Branch Creek

For decades, the value of organics for various agronomic applications has been indisputable. Unfortunately, certified organic products have remained just out of reach for being too labor-intensive or expensive for most growers and other potential users. Branch Creek is the solution to those challenges. Serving the agricultural, commercial, residential, golf and sports industries, Branch Creek is committed to creating earth-friendly alternatives to synthetics, designed and priced to fit growing efforts—big and small.

About SynaTek Solutions

The environment and how we impact it has become a front and center issue. Fortunately, some companies have been preparing for a long time. For generations, Moyer & Sons supplied nutrients and protectants to farmers in the Northeast. Today, as SynaTek Solutions, the company is stretching further, designing and manufacturing innovative products and technologies in the golf, lawn and landscape, agricultural turf and ornamental, and ice melt industries. In every way, SynaTek Solutions and its associated brands are driven by the belief that improving ecosystems and water quality isn’t environmentalism—it’s the future.

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